Mori, Jackson Pollock and DSLs, Tue 5th August


Roll up! Roll up!

The next skillsmatter London Clojurians meetup has talks from Rob Rees, Tom Booth, and Tom Hall, on Mori, imitating Jackson Pollock, and escaping DSL hell.

Signup in the link above.


Early July 14th Clojure Dojo @ uSwitch


(sorry this month I've been affected by Dolly Parton from Glastonbury)

Howdy y'all

Well bless me if it ain't that time again, working 9 to 5 sure passes the time fast..
I just be here announcing the next lil clojure dojo with those fabulous people at the uSwitch ranch on Monday July 14th..

You can register and find all the details at this wonderful link below:

Now, we be really looking forward to hostin this fine hoedown and to seein y'all fine people, even y'all beginners especially... and to extendin the fine southern (thames) hospitality to our clojure kin.

see y'all in a few weeks


Early June Clojure dojo at uSwitch Monday 9th June


Hi all

Apologies for the late notice, though I am announcing the early June clojure dojo at uswitch. Details and registration at the link below

As usual, if you have any suggestions for things you would like to work on, then please send them to the group so we can collate them and do any prep work if necessary.

Food & drinks will be provided on the night

cheers and see you monday


Roll up! Roll up! May Clojure dojo at ThoughtWorks - Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Featuring special guest appearances by Justin Gehtland and Stuart Sierra from Cognitect.

Tickets available here:

3rd June Chess and Adtx at Skills Matter


Roll up! Roll up!

Here are the details for our next talks at Skills Matter.