Roll up! Roll up! January Clojure dojo at ThoughtWorks - Tuesday, 27 January 2015


To grab yourself a ticket, click the link below:

Remember, this is at our new(-ish) office in Soho.

Hope to see you there!


Clojure and JVM Performance talk 3 Feb at Skills Matter London


Roll up! Roll up!

The first talk at Skills Matter for the London Clojurians will be on 3 Feb.

Tom Crayford will be talking JVM performance tuning and clojure for your edification, entertainment and enjoyment!

More details and registration here:

I'm sure Skills Matter will be as speedy as always with a video of the talk which will also be at the above URL.


Happy New Year January clojure dojo at uswitch Monday 12th January


Happy New Year everyone

Time to fulfil those new years resolutions and learn clojure like you said to yourself that you were going to.. (actually no time like the present.. who needs an annual reset of the calendar to make life goals... right?)

So come on down to the next clojure dojo at uSwitch and start the year off right with some parenthesis!!

Details and registration at the link below

Food & drinks will be provided on the night..

See you there



Roll up! Roll up! November Clojure dojo at ThoughtWorks (Soho) - Tuesday, 25 November 2014


See our shiny new office! Unfortunately, due to the "community hub" (and kitchen) area being under construction, I am limiting the numbers for this month's dojo. We'll be in the main office area instead. Hopefully it'll all be complete by the time of the next dojo.

Please note the address change as we are now on Wardour Street in Soho.

Tickets can be acquired here:

Clojure Dojo @ uSwitch 10th November


Hi All

Just announcing the next clojure dojo at uSwitch.. next monday (10th November) at 7pm. Registration and details at link below

I would like to make this dojo about giving back to the open source community, where we provide some pull requests to open source clojure projects. We have a couple of suggestions already, but if you have any more please email the list.

Or if you are a project owner then let me know your project and I'll nominate it for some love & attention.