Roll up! Roll up! November Clojure dojo at ThoughtWorks (Soho) - Tuesday, 25 November 2014


See our shiny new office! Unfortunately, due to the "community hub" (and kitchen) area being under construction, I am limiting the numbers for this month's dojo. We'll be in the main office area instead. Hopefully it'll all be complete by the time of the next dojo.

Please note the address change as we are now on Wardour Street in Soho.

Tickets can be acquired here:

Clojure Dojo @ uSwitch 10th November


Hi All

Just announcing the next clojure dojo at uSwitch.. next monday (10th November) at 7pm. Registration and details at link below

I would like to make this dojo about giving back to the open source community, where we provide some pull requests to open source clojure projects. We have a couple of suggestions already, but if you have any more please email the list.

Or if you are a project owner then let me know your project and I'll nominate it for some love & attention.



Roll up! Roll up! September Clojure dojo at ThoughtWorks - Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Don't delay, book today!

Early Sept Clojure Dojo @ uSwitch Monday 8th


Apologies for the terribly late notice, but I would like to announce the early September clojure dojo.. Registration and details at the link below

I'll be taking a break this month, but fear not @thattommyhall has humbly stepped in to help fill your minds and fingertips with lispy goodness.

All levels of clojure experience are welcome.. especially beginners

Pizza & drinks are provided



September 2nd Talks At Skills Matter, Clj-refactor, Dali and Cider-Spy


Roll Up, Roll up.

See you there, for some talks and drinks after.