May 6th Talks At Skills Matter, Robots, Haskell, Hedgefunds


Thanks to Dave, Bodil and Patrik for agreeing to speak.

See you there,

Announcing Easter Clojure Dojo at uSwitch April 14th


Greetings all

It's that time again, for the monthly clojure dojo at uSwitch, Monday 14th April 7pm. Address, details and registration at the link below:

As usual, any ideas for topics are welcomed in advance to speed things along on the night.

.. or if anyone would like to prepare a repository we can use in advance, it is always welcomed.

thanks and see you on Monday


Hack day in April - Hack the Tower


Hello all,

I am hosting another hack day for developers in London. If anyone wants to come and build some apps together in Clojure then please sign up at either:

Or email me and hope I don't forget to add you to the visitors list for building security :)


March clojure dojo at ThoughtWorks


Get your tickets for the March Clojure dojo at the ThoughtWorks office now! A whole week in advance! Not to be missed!


Important CHANGE OF DATE announcement regarding next uSwitch dojo


New date: Tuesday 18th March

Unfortunately we have had to move the dojo to St Patricks Day+1 due to a clash in bookings. Apologies for the inconvenience, if you can no longer make it please be sure to return your ticket to the pool in case we have a wait list